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March 2017

Previous Symposia

March 2016 – Brighton, United Kingdom
Digital Archaeological Heritage

March 2015 - Lisbon, Portugal
When Valletta meets Faro. The reality of European archaeology in the 21st century
March 2014 - Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Setting the Agenda: Giving new meaning to the European archaeological heritage

March 2013 - Saranda, Albania
The Valetta Convention: Twenty years After - Challenges for the future. 20th Anniversary of the Valetta Convention: Benefits, Problems, Challenges.

March 2012 - Paris, France
Perspectives on Public Awareness, Participation and Protection

March 2011 – Ename
Heritage reinvents Europe 

March 2010 - Reykjavik
Remote sensing 

March 2009 - Strasbourg, France
Black archaeology

March 2008 - Târgoviste, Romania
Listing archaeological sites, protecting the historical landscape

March 2007 - Metz 
Archaeological Documentation: Sites, Archives and Finds after the Valetta Convention

March 2006 - Strasbourg 
Archaeologists and the Landscape Convention

October 2005 - Roses 
Prioritising and Selection of Fieldwork in the 21st century

March 2004 - Strasbourg 
Archaeology and the Public

March 2003 - Berlin 
The impact of agricultural policies on the management of the archaeological heritage

March 2002 - Strasbourg 
Cultural Heritage & Environmental Impact – A sustainable approach to natural resources exploitation and archaeological resources management

March 2001 - Strasbourg 
Cultural landscape and Sustainable Development

November 1999 - Strasbourg 
Archaeological Heritage Management of Wetlands